100M installs and keep counting!

Those are not only numbers, those are real people

Hey folks, we got some awesome news to share with you! Recently we’ve reached the milestone of 100M installs! And the numbers keep growing as you’re reading it.

Last year we could only see that huuuge number of 100M installs in our mad dreams. And even 1M for us was like an Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio. But we grow, we get bigger.

One more time, we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah, alright, don’t stop refacing
One more time, we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah, alright, don’t stop the dancing!

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But let’s ask ourselves: 100M installs — is it a lot or not?

  • The most obvious thing to do is to compare our statistics to other apps. For example, TikTok was downloaded 850M times in 2020. And Snapchat — 281M times. Okay, but we grew to 100M installs in 14 months. TikTok had its 100M downloads in 31 months, and it took Snapchat 28 months to pass the 100M milestone. We have great dynamics.
  • 100M is every ~80th human being on our planet. Not bad, right? Just count people you meet on the street, and every 80th person is going to be a refacer, wow.
  • Also, 100M = 375 Zhytomyr cities! Just imagine this cosmic megacity. We could have built 375 Zhytomyrs full of refacers, wow! For those who don’t know, Zhytomyr is a Ukrainian city famous for its iconic socks manufacturing, music events, Sergiy Korolyov Astronautics Museum.

Those are not numbers, those are real people

Let’s fantasize who all those 100M are. Extravagant and sophisticated drag-queens face swapping Julie Newmar. Chilling housewives with Margaritas near their pools. Your mysterious neighbour, who loves kinky movies.

Maybe a future genius who will discover new planets or find a cure for cancer. Architects, doctors, students, fighters, lovers, every random you and me.

Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Joe Rogan are refacers for sure. And many, many other people of all colours, different backgrounds, ethnicities and identities. 100M is a beautiful number of unity, variety and diversity of humanity.