Adiós 2023, Let's Roll into 2024

Reface year recap: updates, annual results, favorite memes

Adiós 2023, Let's Roll into 2024

Hey there! Get comfy, Reface is wrapping up the year's results. We survived 2023 – the roller coaster ride of change, growth, and enough news (both good and bad) to keep us on our toes. We aimed for stability, explored new horizons, stuck to what is ours, and tried to be nice and determined.

We say goodbye to 2023 without any sadness. Ready to meet 2024, with readiness to make even greater efforts for the sake of the great Ukrainian dream and our future.

Summary in Bullets:

  • 2023 in three words: AI is rushing
  • Style of the year: Roller coaster chic
  • Breakthrough of the Year: Dude, you're not on Open AI's year summary page
  • Wish list for 2024: Ukraine will win, and empires will collapse
  • Memes to catch the vibe of 2023: Check out a few of our favorites from the #random channel

Business and Operations

In May 2023, we marked our company's fifth anniversary – yep, we've been around for a while now. Noteworthy milestones include the appointment of new co-CEOs, not one but two, a revamped strategy for business development, and as the year drew to a close, a broader vision for the future, expanding into markets beyond content creation and editing. Cheers to the next chapter! 🥂

Yaroslav Boiko (CAO), Oles Petriv (CTO), Anton Volovyk (co-CEO), Ivan Altsybieiev (co-CEO)

"We've been on a mission to transform the company into a faster and more flexible force. Now, innovative products are in the pipeline, crafted by small teams that swiftly generate ideas, iterate, test hypotheses, and ultimately roll out groundbreaking releases", Ivan Altsybiebiev, co-CEO of Reface.

To keep things on track, we've crafted a clear vision and mission. In a nutshell, we keep using fancy tech to make simple and user-friendly products. Our goal? Making life cooler and more chill for millions of users worldwide.

Products Updates

During the year we had three major releases – Restyle, Unboring, Letsy.

  • Restyle mobile app: flips the style of any video (yeah, we were the pioneers squeezing that trendy video-to-video magic into a mobile interface).
  • Letsy mobile app: virtual try-on. We experimented with hypotheses, and now we are scaling. But the truth is – AI and fashion work perfectly together.
  • Unboring: a web platform for content editing. It is a huge leap for us because we jumped into the web for the first time in 5 years. Everything is different there, and we are still learning. But we really like the product, and let's finally say it out loud – editing content on a desktop is still much, much more convenient than on a smartphone. Even The Verge aligns with our viewpoint.
Trendy trends in AI content:
In 2023, we were all about the AI avatars – chances are, more than half the planet has already taken this tech for a spin. With Reface, it's as accurate as it gets, churning out super recognizable portraits with just 6 of your selfies.

We also jumped into the Barbie hype, helping people morph their selfies into doll-like perfection. And come autumn, the Yearbook trend hit, with everyone itching for that '80s and '90s American school vibe. We were right there in the mix.

What's on the Horizon for AI in 2024?


"The AI landscape is set for an exciting transformation. Models will operate faster with simpler inputs. AI agents will gain autonomy, excelling in complex tasks with minimal human intervention. Daily life integration will intensify, with AI-powered tools delivering tangible value. In the B2C realm, expect major players like Apple and Google to vertically integrate AI into devices, products, and services, transforming innovation into seamless convenience", Roman Romash, Innovation Manager at Reface.

Partnerships and Events

We enjoyed collaborating with the Elastique. creative agency for the BMW – together, we executed a cool campaign right in the heart of the BMW Welt. Every visitor had the chance to step into the driver's seat of a new BMW in a 3D video on a super-sized screen.

How we created a personalized user experience on a huge 3D screen in real-time
Read more:

And here's another equally tech-savvy collaboration – with the Ukrainian Institute during the Cultural Diplomacy Forum in London. We created a video featuring Lesia Ukrainka and William Shakespeare having a Zoom conversation. William turned out to be quite charming.

Throughout the year, Reface co-CEOs participated as speakers at events such as Cannes Next (at Marché du Film), TechChill Milano, and the Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum.

Ukrainian 🇺🇦

We donated over $80k to the Reface Fund, which was then directed to support the needs of various brigades and units we personally know.

Numbers (for those who scroll straight down):

- Over 244 million faceswaps
- 66 million animated videos
- 800,000 messages in Slack
- More than 40,000 lines of code
- 938 mentions in the media
- Produced 2,880 advertising creatives, showcased over a billion times worldwide
- Reached 10 million people on TikTok

Enter to the holiday season with a touch of Christmas cringe from our co-CEOs! 2024, we're ready for you. However challenging you may be. But please don't.