Let AI draw you an avatar with the new tool by Reface

We're launching AI Avatar feature in mid-December. Don't miss it!

Let AI draw you an avatar with the new tool by Reface

Generative AI is an absolutely disruptive innovation of the year that is forever changing content creation and the entertainment industry. Since Reface has become advanced in quality face swaps, we are now starting to work with generative AI to help users unlock maximum creativity in AI-powered avatars.

We are launching AI Avatar, a new feature inside Reface app that will allow you to generate artwork-like avatars on your phone.

What is AI Avatar by Reface:

  • a tool for generating amazing pictures of you
  • dozens of art styles
  • a big pack of results (48 images)
  • hyperrealistic effect
  • easy to use on mobile

How will it work?

All you need is to upload several of your portrait photos from different angles and choose the desired art theme for the future avatar. Our technology will generate sets of pictures, so you can pick your favorite results and share them on social media.

AI Avatar offers a dozen art styles — from superheroes and anime characters to cyberpunk and medieval aesthetic. That's right, we've already developed creative solutions, so you just need to choose the one that fits your personality the most and wait for AI magic.

Some styles are so realistic that it can be hard to distinguish your real selfie from AI art.


Be the first explorer

We can’t wait to see your awe-inspiring experiments with AI art. Stay tuned!