Create Yearbook AI Photos With Reface

The 1990s school vibe in AI-generated portraits, explained

Create Yearbook AI Photos With Reface

The all-embracing feeling of nostalgia for the wonderful school days spent with friends has become an awesome Yearbook trend. Everyone refers to the nineties with the “sweet 16” AI avatars inspired by the American graduates of the past.

Wanna turn into a nerd, a rich kid, or a homecoming queen again? We know how to fill you with those warm memories.

How to create a 1990s yearbook avatar

First, make sure you’ve got the Reface app on your phone, it’s free to download. If you’re new to AI Avatars by Reface, welcome aboard 🚀

When you open the app, go to AI Avatars tab — it allows you to make awesome AI-generated portraits from your photos in a few easy steps. 

  1. Choose a style of AI Yearbook avatars — how about 90s Cool Kid, or Beverly Hills? Take your time exploring our retro collection.
  2. To create an AI yearbook, pick six portrait photos of yourself from your phone gallery. Don’t forget that the accuracy of AI-generated avatars depends on the quality of your input photos.
  3. Then, Reface starts processing your photos. It takes 45 min to generate a pack of 48 AI avatars, and the next attempts will be much faster (~10 min).
  4. Enjoy! Your Yearbook avatars are ready to be shared on socials. Now you can experiment with other AI-crafted styles, that hit all generations.

Get a free Yearbook avatar

Want a free and quick yearbook photo? There is another way to get the 90s school vibe – use the free photo face swap feature in the Reface app or visit our web platform, Unboring.

  1. In the Reface app go to the Discover tab and find the Yearbook photo category. We’ve shared a whole range of vintage AI school pics with you. Goths, Nerds, or 90s DJs — have a blast!
  2. Choose a portrait and pick a face to swap. One click and you're back in school.
  3. You can also face swap in Yearbook style photos on the web using our platform – Unboring.
  4. Save and share the result with your friends, and tag @reface on Instagram — the bravest pirates will be honored in our Stories 🍿🍿🍿

We also recommend using our video tutorial