Top 7 Best Gender Swap Apps for 2024: Visualize Another You

Play around with your visual identity

Top 7 Best Gender Swap Apps for 2024: Visualize Another You

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as the opposite gender? For the very small part of the population that has a fraternal twin, that’s an easy curiosity to satisfy. For the rest of us, however, the intrigue remains. Luckily, through the rise of AI and sophisticated photo editing apps, we are now able to transform an ordinary selfie into a variety of different things, including a gender-swapped version of ourselves.

From turning a boy into a girl and vice versa to exploring the spectrum of gender change, these apps have become a source of entertainment and creativity.

If you’re looking for how to gender swap online, you’re in luck. In this article, we will dive into the seven best gender change apps for you to explore and play around with your visual identity.

The 7 Best Gender Swap Apps

1. Unboring by Reface

Unboring by Reface stands out as the ultimate go-to for gender-swapping fun. With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI technology, Unboring makes transforming your gender an effortless and fun experience. Unboring provides realistic results, ensuring that your gender-swapped images are not just amusing but also very believable.

The 7 Best Gender Swap Apps
Unboring by Reface

Unboring is available on all browsers, making it accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. To perform a gender swap, navigate to the 'Swap Faces' category, explore the catalog, and choose an image you'd like to swap your face into.

Price: Subscription plan starts from $9.99
Platform: Website
Website: Unboring by Reface

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2. The Reface App

Following closely behind Unboring is the Reface App. The app's user-friendly design and variety of tools make it a great choice for those looking to experiment with their appearance on mobile.

The Reface App has gained popularity not only for its gender-swapping capabilities but also for its large catalog of thematic face swaps. Combined with a daily-updated videos, gifs, photos, and pictures, you can make ridiculously realistic face swap videos and gifs with just a single selfie. Become anyone's look alike by swapping your face with trending content, or have fun and replace your face with people of other genders.

Best Face Swap Apps: Reface
Reface Mobile App

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Platforms: App Store and Play Store

3. FaceLab

Next on our list is Faceblab with its Face Aging and Gender Swap features. While it’s not quite as specialized as Unboring or Reface App, Facelab offers a unique twist on facial transformations, including a boy-to-girl filter. The app's user interface is straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate and experiment with different looks.

Facelab, in addition to its gender-swapping features, provides users with the ability to play around with their age, adding a layer of versatility to the app. The seamless integration of age-swapping features alongside gender transformations makes Facelab a great tool for those looking to explore various aspects of their appearance.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Platform: App Store and Play Store

4. Facetune

Loved by influencers and celebrities alike, Facetune is well known for its powerful editing features. While primarily designed for photo enhancements, Facetune is also a great gender swap app. Facetune's versatility makes it an interesting choice for users who want more than just a skin-smoothing filter.

Facetune goes beyond basic gender swapping, allowing users to fine-tune various facial features, enhancing the overall quality and feel of their photos. The app's advanced editing tools, including smoothing and reshaping features, provide users with a powerful toolkit for achieving the desired look in their gender-swapped images.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Platforms: App Store and Play Store

5. Fotor

Fotor, a well-known name in the photo editing world, introduces its own take on gender swap with a user-friendly interface. While not as specialized as some other apps on this list, Fotor offers a gender-swap feature that adds a touch of humor to your photos. It's a great option for those who want a variety of editing tools along with their gender-swapping fun.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Platforms: App Store and Play Store

6. Tik Tok

TikTok has not only revolutionized short-form video content but has also embraced the gender-swapping trend with open arms. The platform offers a massive range of engaging filters, including the increasingly popular gender filters, allowing you to easily transform your appearance with just a tap of your fingertips.

Additionally, TikTok's gender-swapping filters have become a viral sensation, sparking numerous challenges and trends across the platform. The simplicity of integrating these filters into the video creation process has contributed massively to TikTok’s popularity.

Price: Free
Platforms: App Store and Play Store

7. Snapchat

When Snapchat launched in 2011, they were one of the first players on the market to offer AI tools like face- and gender-swapping filters. The platform has only continued to grow since then and now offers a wide range of filters that go beyond simple face swaps between two people in a photo.

Snapchat's gender filters not only alter facial features but also incorporate dynamic elements, such as changing backgrounds and adding thematic accessories. This approach to gender-swapping adds an extra layer of creativity, encouraging users to express themselves in unique and imaginative ways.

Price: Free
Platforms: App Store and Play Store

All in all, the appeal of gender-swapping apps goes beyond just photo editing; it taps into the innate human desire for self-exploration and creative expression. As technology continues to advance, these apps have evolved from basic novelties to more sophisticated tools, allowing users to explore various aspects of their identity.

Gender swap apps have become a playful way for users to explore gender expression and have some fun with their photos. Unboring, with its seamless interface and powerful AI tools, ultimately takes the lead as the best tool for fast and easy content creation on the web. So, go ahead, and experiment with a gender swap!