One year of Reface: Celebrities Swapping, Hollywood Burning, Downloads Breaking the Internet

Okay, we know you love big stars and big numbers. Everyone loves numbers. Let’s say that was one tough year for man, and one giant leap for Reface. A ton of changes, collabs with superstars, and massive downloads. We were stunned by all that happening to us.

Just imagine our SM-guy`s eyes when he saw a direct message in our Insta account (back when Reface only had a few thousands of followers) — a message from Miley Cyrus’ manager!

Ever since that day, we have created more than 20 collaborations with international stars and brands, and in just nine months, we went from 200K users to 100M.

So, let’s start with a Reface clout, media and celebrities.

👯 Our Partners In Swapping

Just a couple of names and some statistics

We added a video-trailer for the Borat movie to the app

Jackie Chan face swapped to Borat

Anyone could become Sacha Baron Cohen in the role of Borat before the movie hit the screens on Amazon. Now read that slowly. You could be that Borat, and that was rad.

2M Refaces globally in Reface app for 5 days of placement

740K Shares globally from Reface app for 5 days of placement

We provided our technology to create ad campaign by GoSpooky agency for JBL

Margot Robbie face swapped to JBL ad

Over 200,000 people could virtually dance or become a superstar, while wearing JBL’s newest wireless earbuds using Face Swap technology at Find Your Fit advertising campaign.

135K Refaces in Europe in Reface app for 2 days of placement

50K Shares in Europe from Reface app for 2 days of placement

Miley Cyrus was one of the first performers who tested our AI technology

Katy Perry face swapped to Miley Cyrus

The singer launched a video for “Midnight Sky” and fans could faceswap themselves into the video. Fans making funny videos even got a mention in Billboard!

5M Refaces globally in Reface app

1.3M Shares globally from Reface app

6M Views on Miley’s Instagram

Affiliate program for SFR featuring Cristiano Ronaldo (Saatchi & Saatchi, France)

Face-swapped Lionel Messi joins Ronaldo in commercial

It`s a teaser of what we’re up to. We want to give the influencers an opportunity to make money in a totally new way — just by giving their permission to use their faces or videos of them for the ads. The rest is up to creativity and Reface.
Also, it is super engaging when people see their own faces in ads, isn’t it?

1.3M Refaces globally in Reface app

288K Shares globally from Reface app

Universal Pictures featured their promo for the Freaky movie in Reface app

Scarlett Johansson face swapped to FREAKY trailer

And that was the future itself. Why? This is a simple example of what personalized content is, and how it works. Yes, this is the future of watching trailers, sitcoms and movies. Just picture yourself and your friends watching F*R*I*E*N*D*S with your own faces. Now that’s fun! Who will be Ross? ;)

1.6M Refaces globally in Reface app

339K Shares globally from Reface app

Woof, celebs, numbers and achievements! Let’s just calm down for a moment and take a brb, okay?

🤐 MOAR NUMBERS!!!111!1

Yes! Numbers! About Reface.

2.3 billion refaces total in 2020 globally (most popular swap: Captain Jack Sparrow)
10 000 days in total people spend using our app everyday
512 anonymized face feature points are analyzed and used by our tech for a single faceswap
10 seconds (or less) is what it takes to create a faceswap with Reface
5000 videos are manually moderated by our support team weekly

This was a short recap of the first year of Reface in numbers and personas. Just to let you know who we are and how we do. The Blog is on, stay tuned!