Halloween Special: Transform Yourself Into a Zombie

Become a zombie and prank your friends on messengers and social media

Halloween Special: Transform Yourself Into a Zombie
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Hey World! Halloween is coming, which means it's time for spooky pranks and fun. And so we've launched a Halloween special effect called Zombify.

With this effect, you can animate any image into a zombie. It's hilarious and easy:  just choose a picture of your friend, significant other, Mona Lisa, or whoever you want, and zombify it. The person in the photo will come to life only to turn into a singing and dancing zombie!

See the banner that says “Halloween 🎃'' in the Reface app? Tap it and zzzombify! You can also tap any other banner with the “Halloween” tag to enjoy special Zombified content.

Now isn't that the perfect way to prank your friends this Halloween? You’re right, it certainly is 🧟

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Stay safe and Happy Halloween! See ya! 🎃