🔮HORRORSCOPE: become your favorite iconic horror character

Or make a creepy horoscope for your friends

🔮HORRORSCOPE: become your favorite iconic horror character

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We’re celebrating the horror genre with new swappable content for people who love all things horror

We don’t know, maybe it’s an exploration of our nature as a species or our passion for the strange and unknown, but horror flicks have always been with us since the beginning of cinema 🎥

Horror has spawned many subgenres: from gothic and supernatural horror to body horror, splatters, and found footage. Each one has its iconic characters.

Want to see which horror character you are? No problem. Want to swap your face with your favorite monster? Go for it! This is all possible now with AI and Reface.

Or maybe you’d love to have fun with your friends and send them their horrorscopes with the help of our Thrillz tab? Watch how we do it!


♈️ Aries
You may be experiencing hard times at work, but you’ll manage to stay on your feet this week

♉️ Taurus
Try to be careful and look over your shoulder more often this week

♊️ Gemini
Don’t lose your head over nonsense! Calm down

♋️ Cancer
It’s time for you to get back to your roots and commune with nature for a while

♌️ Leo
Don’t get jealous of someone’s beauty. You’re the one and only, remember that

♍️ Virgo
Look around! The world is yours, and nothing can stop you now

♎️ Libra
Your friends may look weird sometimes, but they’re always there for you

♏️ Scorpio
Try to go outside and make some friends this week. People will love you!

♐️ Sagittarius
Everybody needs a hug, even you. Just kidding! Especially you

♑️ Capricorn
Now seriously, you need to go to the gym

♒️ Aquarius
Look around — someone really likes you. It might be someone you haven’t even noticed

♓️ Pisces
It’s time to get out of your bubble and face the real world

And just when you thought it was over, we have some more scary fun. Watch Mr. Snoop Dogg meet our Lil Creepiz

Find Thrillz and Lil creepiz tabs inside Reface App

Yes, we’re letting you go now. Until next time. Stay safe, keep swapping and have a HORRific week!