How to Animate Images, Make Photos Move, and Sing

Everything you need to know about animating photos with the help of AI

How to Animate Images, Make Photos Move, and Sing

Let’s face it. Still images are boring when it comes to engaging posts on social media. People like action. Whether you are a big business, celebrity, or regular person, animated content grabs the most attention. People prefer videos, visual stories, or, at least, GIFs. That’s life.

If you’re a motion designer or an Adobe Premiere enthusiast, it’s not a problem for you to create animated content for social media. But what if you have no time to learn professional tools for motion graphics? There's a new easy answer: animation with the help of AI. It allows users to animate photos in a few seconds and taps without any specialized knowledge.

With AI animation, you can:

  • Animate old family photos. Imagine how cool it would be to turn your grandparents’ photos into a rock band.
  • Take pictures of your friends and animate them in funny ways.
  • Make contemporary visual art (if you’re an artist and you want to go viral).
  • Make memes. Nuff said.
  • Make original and funny animated birthday cards.
  • Create personalized and engaging content. Whether you’re a blogger who needs new followers, or a digital marketing manager planning an ad campaign, animated photos might be a very productive tool for you.
  • Animate something unexpected, think outside the box, make it a trend. Perhaps you could make the monuments of your city sing. Or maybe the masterpieces of the Renaissance could talk! Come up with something new, and watch people’s reactions.

Los Angeles Murals Sing

And what about VenuSnoop Scatman Dogg?

How does it work?

(a) Tap the “magic wand” button on the Main and choose “Animate Face” tool.

(b) Now you can:

  • choose one of the in-app demo pics
  • take a selfie and animate it. Just tap the camera button in the top right corner  
  • select any image with a face(s) you want to animate from your phone

(c) After that select the animation you want to use. Bingo!

This allows you to animate your images with faces in them, or take a selfie and animate it

Use Reface to start animating! It’s pure fun 🔥