How to Animate Images, Make Photos Move, and Sing

Everything you need to know about animating photos on your phone with the help of AI

How to Animate Images, Make Photos Move, and Sing
Last updated: November 2022

Let’s face it. Still images are boring when it comes to engaging posts on social media. People like animated content: posting funny videos, beautiful visual stories, or GIFs. Now, there’s a wide choice of tools and programs for creating animated content. But what if you have no time to learn professional tools for motion graphics?

There's a new easy answer: animation with the help of AI. It allows users to animate photos in a few seconds and taps without any specialized knowledge. With Reface, you can animate photos in a few taps. Use our AI tools to create engaging content without special skills and for free.

We use advanced machine learning to make your Refacing experience super fast and easy — for animating, revoicing, or extracting your face embeddings from the photo you upload to make swaps. User safety is our top priority, so we don’t collect your personal data and we don’t use face embeddings to recreate your original photos. You can learn more about how Reface works here.

With Reface Animation tool, you can:

  • Add some fun to your old photos. Imagine your grandparents singing Bohemian Rhapsody or making yourself perform one of the more modern hits.
  • Prank your friends by animating their photos.
  • How about contemporary art? You can animate any masterpiece — an antique sculpture, the Mona Lisa, or even the Statue of Liberty!
  • Upgrade your memes with animation or create new ones.
  • Make original and funny animated birthday cards.
  • Create viral content for social media. Use Lipsync Animation in your marketing campaigns or just for fun. We have an extensive collection of hits and audio memes to make your content cool and engaging.
  • Animate something unexpected and make it a trend. Murals can sing, and outdoor billboards can also come to life with AI animation. Experiment with objects and watch people's reactions.
Lipsync Animation tool allows you to animate your images with faces. You can also take a selfie in Reface and make it come alive.

Los Angeles Murals Sing

How Does It Work?

  1. Tap the “+” button on the bottom bar of the app and choose the Lipsync Animation tool.
  2. Now you can:
    - try one of the in-app demo pics
    - take a selfie and animate it — just tap the camera button in the top right corner
    - or upload any image with a face(s) you want to animate from your phone
  3. After that, select the animation you want to use. Just scroll through our collection. Done!

Use Reface to start animating! Draw inspiration for your content with AI animation tools on your phone and watch your jaw-dropping scenes come alive. It's pure fun 🔥