How to use AI filters for videos

The ultimate guide on how to create catchy videos with Restyle AI effects for your social media

How to use AI filters for videos

AI generators are the new game changers in video creation, giving us more tools for instant editing every day. If you want to jump on current TikTok trends with engaging АІ videos and level up in creating stunning video art, mobile AI tools are a perfect match and don’t require Pro skills. With the Restyle app, you can quickly generate long and high-quality videos using our artistic AI filters.

What is an AI filter?

AI filters are powered by artificial intelligence, enabling them to recognize shapes, colors, and details in any video and transform it into something new. At the core of AI filters lies video-to-video technology. It uses your original video as input to generate a new video based on pre-trained algorithms and applies different styles to transform your content into a new animated story.

Check out one of the latest AI videos going viral on TikTok:

@kqtiewhitney Replying to @💅Ms.Cha💅 Would you ever Lego of me? 🥺💕 #restylel3go #restyleapp #lnb4 #videoai #l3go @restyle_app ♬ Keep Dat Nigga - iCandy

Restyle: the mobile app with AI effects for videos and photos

Restyle is the new generative AI app by Reface that allows you to create mesmerizing AI videos  in a few steps by applying different visual styles (or AI effects).

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as an anime character or any fantasy hero? With viral video-to-video technology implemented in Restyle, you can transform the visual style of your real-life content into AI video art.

  • 36 unique visual styles (e.g. Van Gogh, Vintage, Robots, Wooly, Cartoon, and more)
  • videos of up to 10 seconds long (the longest duration available on the market)
  • Restyle app is available on both iOS and Android platforms

How to use the AI filter for your video

  1. Download the Restyle app
  2. Open Restyle on your phone
  3. Choose one of the AI filters
  4. Pick a video from your gallery you'd like to restyle
  5. Once you’ve chosen the video, you can define its length to restyle
  6. Wait for 7-10 mins
  7. Done! Download and share the results on socials, and get ready for the reactions.

Use our ideas about what to restyle:

  • Express yourself. Restyle your dance, extreme videos, capture your meals on camera! Watch your memories transform into an AI fantasy with our effects.
  • Experiment with restyling your fave stars, scenes from movies, or real-life moments. Find inspiration on our TikTok and Instagram or using the #restyleapp hashtag.
  • Try to restyle your pet — you’ll be excited to see how they change 😻

Quick tips for the best quality video results:

  1. 🎥 Camera movement:
    Choose static or slow-moving shots to ensure clearer output, as fast-moving shots may reduce quality.
  2. 🗿Сomposition:
    Utilize portrait compositions for better generation results in terms of quality compared to full-length shots. Additionally, portrait compositions work best in a square format.
  3. 🎑 Background:
    Choose clean or detailed backgrounds that align with your creative vision for captivating results.
  4. 🎩 Outfits, props, colors:
    Select outfits and props that enhance your chosen style. Match the color palette to your desired look. For example, utilize bright colors for eye-catching cartoon-style videos.
  5. 🥇 Input quality:
    Begin with high-quality videos featuring good resolution and low noise for the best result.
  6. 🤞 Experiment and iterate:
    Have fun exploring different styles, backgrounds, and settings to discover the perfect combination.

Tutorial on the filter that makes you look like a Ghibli character:

@restyle_app Travel to the Ghibli world like never before! 🐡 #LNB4 #Restyle #restyleapp #ghibli #ghiblistudios #estudioghibli #ghiblifilter ♬ Ghibli system. A sad and beautiful ballad(87172) - 朝木春美千

A cool video with different AI styles:

@haileeandkendra Dancing with my Wife has always been my favorite, love the way #restyleapp ai captures our chemistry in such a fun way! Which style is your favorite?? #styleapppartner #couplegoals #fyp #dancing ♬ Until I Found You (Sped Up) - Heaven When I Held You Again How Could We Ever Just Be Friends - Hiko

L3GO restyle trend is skyrocketing on social media, gaining millions of views:

@liarnoldfrmbama 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 #viral #fyp #legotiktok #lego #foryou #foryourpage #fypシ #goviral #foryoupageofficiall #trendingfyp #legotrend ♬ original sound - 🥤

That’s it, AI adventurers! Using Restyle to create viral AI video art is super easy. Explore our unique AI filters, and find your favorite. Maybe today it's Claymation, Robots, or L3go? Don't miss out on the next big news: Restyle features will soon be available on our multi-fun web platform for your thrilling AI experiments.

Reface, restyle, animate. Stay creative!