How To Make Viral Content With AI: A Guide For Mememakers

Our best examples of how AI-generated content can get you millions of views

How To Make Viral Content With AI: A Guide For Mememakers
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What a year! For Refacers, time has gone by at First Cosmic Velocity. Over 100 million downloads in 2021, the launch of three new ML features, plenty of brand collaborations — we at Reface have much to be proud of this year, too, and are ready to surprise you even more.

We will remember 2021 as the year that synthetic media really caught on with digital creators and became a new tool for creating viral content. So, what trends in AI content best symbolize this year?

In the age of AI technology, you don't have to be a big influencer to make content worthy of millions of views. You don’t even need to master Photoshop and video editing programsan AI app is enough to assemble what you need in just a couple taps.

On his Twitter account @YassifyBot, 22-year student Denver Adams turns people into “yassified” digital glamazons. The account has amassed 167K followers since its inception on November 13.

While there are many tricks to going viral, we know one thing for sure: to evoke strong emotions in others, you need to do something that's never been done before.

Check out our 2022 guide of ideas to make your synthetic content more striking and catchy.

🥊 Find a great hook

What was the funniest thing you saw online this year? Not everyone on the Internet will always be “in on the joke,” but you can still find your groove.

  • Situational content rules. The easiest way to go viral is to catch the right wave in the news flow — be it a new “Matrix” release, the James Webb Space Telescope launch, or a big boat stuck in a canal.

Zero Worries EVER GIVEN

  • People don’t just want to laugh. They also love to watch others’ failures and challenges on the Internet. And strong emotions, of course! There’s nothing wrong with sharing something awkward that you find funny. Just keep in mind that there should be no serious harm involved.

Mr. Bean dealing with Christmas

🕺Be anyone

  • Have you been dreaming of getting into your favorite movie or trying on the image of a pop star or fairytale character? Consider it done. Choose a movie scene, a gif, or a pic, swap your face and share. Who knows — a tornado of virality may rise online.

I’m Tony Balalaika!

Rambo mode. Always.

  • A meme is a witty joke or a deep thought wrapped in a simple form. Synthetic memes are a win-win for content creation, but making a worthy meme is an art. With Reface ML features, you can create a meme starring yourself in just a few seconds.

Vincent Vega getting into the holiday spirit

  • Add some creepy stuff. Unusual things can also go far on the Internet, whether it's an ugly XMAS sweaters compilation or dancing freekz! Feel free to experiment.
Yay, obnoxious sweaters

📣 Tell a story

  • People respond better to positive content than negative. Also, make sure that your content doesn’t violate other people’s rights and is not offensive. BTW, you may find more tips for creating fun content in our Community Guidelines.
Adam Sandler with Margot Robbie's face is eating pickles on the street. A whole story in one moment
  • User-generated content is not perfect and it isn’t trying to be. Authentic and homemade content is the best thing you can find scrolling through your feed. Don’t try to make your pics or videos ideal — imperfection has its own charm.

Big ideas don't suddenly happen

Reface tools allow us to create all this funny AI stuff. Meet our four ML features:

  • Swap Face is like the older brother of our ML features. Using face-swap, you can turn into ANYONE — from Rambo to the one and only Elon Musk  🧠
  • Animate Face: once you decide who you want to swap, then it's time to add some action. Use the Animate Face feature to make your characters come alive.
  • Place Face is for when you want to add a face into any object. A perfect match for pranks, memes, and entertainment.
  • Revoice is our newest feature. Make faces talk using your voice, create memes of your fave movie scenes and re-voice over them with ease  👏👏
How To Make Viral Content With AI: A Guide For Mememakers

And finally, Meme Makers — have fun with it. Use our simple recipes, combine Reface AI tools, and fill your feed with upscale synthetically generated memes and pics. Enjoy your holidays! Onward to 2022 🌪🌪🌪