Place Face: Сreate a Meme With Your Face

Are Ya Winning, Son? Yes Dad, I Know How to Place Faces on Objects and Stuff

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Hey ho! We've just launched a new feature — Place Face. This feature allows users to do something we've all wanted to do for a long time:
put your face on any object in a photo and animate it 🤖

how to create a meme with your face

Have you ever looked at a funny road sign, a belly button, or a cucumber, and felt like there should be a face on it and it should talk? Well, we have, like a million times. And one of our brainiacs had a similar vision at a bar, ran home, grabbed a kiwi, opened a picture of Elon Musk, and…

There you go!

Your Life Has Not Been Wasted if You Know How to Make an Orange Sing

With the Place Face feature, you can now animate inanimate objects. You can place your face on anything, and make it move, talk, sing, laugh, or whatever you want. You can also just put a face on an object in a picture and leave it like that. But let’s face it, it’s way more fun when a toilet paper roll screams or an orange sings  🧻🎤

Easy to Find, Easy to Use

You know us, the Reface app 😉
On the main screen tap the “magic wand” button with AI tools  👉 choose Place Face 👉 choose an image from the gallery, where you want to place face 👉 choose a face 👉 tap "reface" 👉 download, share or proceed with animation 👉… IT’S ALIVE!

All Your Memes Are Belong to Us  

Now you have it, use it any way you want. Place Face is the perfect tool for creating mad stuff and hilarious memes, going viral, or just having fun with friends 😈

Watch how we do it!

When you’re a real firestarter ready to go

And you see only green lights around you

But someone tells you NO

because you and your ideas are TOO HOT

But you don’t care. You just keep moving!

PS - you’re awesome ;)

Stay safe, keep Refacing and place_facing, and share your artwork with the world!

Simple Cucumberbatch