Entertain Your Customers – Create Fun and Highly Shareable Ads with Reface

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Entertain Your Customers – Create Fun and Highly Shareable Ads with Reface

Advertisers seek to achieve various marketing goals by setting impressive budgets and launching campaigns in proven channels. However, a new generation of consumers is growing and acquiring new digital habits – and tuning out classic ad formats. This audience no longer reacts to “standard” ads but will happily dive into an immersive experience with their favorite products.

In a digital world full of hard-to-use apps and misdirected branded content that often passes users by, we at Reface make the perception of advertisement content more positive and emotional.

🧨 We apply AI/ML tools for personalized advertising

Reface Ads is our technological advertising offer for agencies, influencers, and brands who want to try a new type of interaction with customers. Reface provides users and advertisers with a whole new ad experience, allowing for immersive interaction with fun content — not only watching it, but also influencing and personalizing it with amazing effects.

Customized immersive campaigns
We design individual ad ideas with immersive content interactions tailored to your business and place them organically on Reface. Allow users to interact with your ad through our app — face-swap, animate, place face, revoice, and share it. In turn, you get a tangible result (cost per interaction).

How it works:

Let's say you’re a big beverage brand and you want to make an original Christmas ad campaign. All you have to do is give us your branded video with a character (let’s say Santa) and our ML techniques will make your Santa swap faces, talk, and sing. Our users will play with your ad content and share it organically across social media.

Want to try it out? Email us at: kmarushchak@reface.ai

What you’ll get: user engagement with the Reface app

  • Millions of refaces per month
  • >20 M monthly active users
  • >30% of videos made with Reface are shared

🤪 The secret ingredient is fun

Users’ emotions from interacting with content are highly valued. If we put so much effort into personalizing our newsfeeds with fun and engaging content, why shouldn't advertising content develop in the same way?

Rеface is a rare virtual environment with a fun use case. Users come to us for laughter and creativity, which gives brands an excellent opportunity to incorporate new, innovative, and delightful content into their strategy.

Reface Ads allow for much deeper engagement than just viewing ads within a standard social network feed.

  • Highly shareable content
    >30% of videos made with Reface are shared on social media and each share multiplies the number of views on other platforms.
  • Seamless ad integration
    Ads on Reface are integrated with fun, organic content. Users can seamlessly switch from relevant fun content to engaging with ads.
  • Trust
    Branded content on Reface, which users interact with and share on social media, is ready to go viral. This means that Refacers enjoy what they do.

With ML technologies, your product turns fun into a perfectly curated opportunity for user-generated remixes and other engagement

Dozens of celebrities, brands and large production studios have already explored advertising opportunities with Reface. We placed a Borat 2 promo video by Amazon Prime into our app and allowed anyone to become Borat. It resulted in 2M videos created globally and 740K shares from the Reface app.

A video of a personalized pull-up competition with Cristiano Ronaldo for Saatchi & Saatchi, France has 1.3M videos created and 288K shares. And the worldwide promo campaign for the “Wild” video by the one and only John Legend collected 1M videos created globally and 400K shares via Reface.

Create an immersive ‌ ‌advertising experience ‌ ‌with Reface 

Reface Ads makes it possible to create campaigns with ML mechanics in just a few steps. Reach high engagement inside the Reface community with full-screen immersive ads to help your business grow.

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