What's new at Reface? Three updates from the CEO

Reface Breaking News: memes as a weapon; our pro-Ukrainian initiatives; top videos from the app

What's new at Reface? Three updates from the CEO

Hello dreamers, it’s Dima Shvets, CEO and co-founder of Reface.

Living during a war is one of those things you cannot imagine in the modern, civilized world. But we are united like never before, and we still have causes for celebration.

Despite everything, Reface remains a Ukrainian-based startup launching new products with stable performance. We continue to entertain our users, and I’m very proud to share what’s new at Reface and what’s been done on our side during the last three months.

#1 We are fighters 🇺🇦

In the first days of a full-scale war, we launched a global information campaign in support of Ukraine, reaching 200M users of Reface worldwide and completely cut Reface app from the Russian market. During the first weeks, our team has organized a vast UA Tech Power community with over a thousand specialists fighting on the cyber frontlines.

Another victory was the launch of the Reface Fund to cover the humanitarian needs of Ukrainian citizens and defenders. Created at the initiative of COO Reface Anton Volovyk, the Reface Fund raised over $180,000 in donations in just two months.

Together with Art Directors Club Ukraine and Gvardiya Production House, Reface created a video using face-swap ML mechanics to unveil Putin's intentions toward the world.

Some Refacians have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense to protect our country. The rest continue to combine teamwork with volunteering and humanitarian assistance. We've also started covering our team's stories on our blog, and they've resonated strongly with our readers. We appreciate it.

War-life stories of Refacians in Parts I, II & III — on volunteering and dreaming of a future without Russia.

#2 The fun record-breakers 🏆

Refacers know a lot about fun, and they are passionate about four things: cool movies, jokes, vintage vibes — and when it all comes together. We’ve never ceased to delight you with new content. And this spring, our users have got a lot of new favorites to create unforgettable personalized swaps.

We’re following the latest news, so you can always use Reface app to join in on the fresh jokes or transform into heroes from new movies and TV shows. We couldn’t get over the new season of “Love, Death & Robots,” so now everyone can join this fantastic tale with Reface.


"Life of the Party" music video by Kanye West created with the help of AI photo animation skyrocketed in May, and became another cause for your great face-swaps.


How about sharing the support that Johnny, the one and only Depp, deserves? Done.


And we’ve all become addicted to dances.


#3 New superpowers ⚡️

We've already seen how memes helped with stress relief during the pandemic. Our users noticed that creating fun content with Reface helped them break the tension they felt during isolation. But the war in Ukraine really proved our strength and national unity and showed us that humor is a big part of our cultural DNA. This is probably the first war in the world with so many memes and healing jokes.

On April 18, we launched our new Memomet app on the Ukrainian market. Memomet has a simple interface and functionality which allows users to create pro-Ukrainian memes and collages. With the help of AI, users can easily cut out an object, person, or head from any image and turn it into a meme in a few taps.

@chornobaiky, a fun channel created by the Reface content team, became another bullet in our media weapon against Russian propaganda. Synthetic video memes by @chornobaiky gained millions of views on TikTok.


#standwithukraine #ukraine #україна #чорнобайки #лукашенко

♬ оригінальний звук - chornobaiky

Reface is more than just an app. It’s a set of tools for generating fun using a breakthrough technology. And we want to give you as many opportunities for self-expression as possible. BTW, we recently released a new app update with UX improvements, hope you enjoy.

Even war couldn’t slow us down — it only strengthened our ambitions. That's all the news for today, and DAMN it was cool to share them with you, Refacers.

Stay strong & keep swapping,

Glory to Ukraine!