REHAIR SALON: try on any haircut with our new feature

May we have your attention please… Reface is excited to announce our lit new feature: Rehair Salon! TAH-DAH! 🎉

You have reached the page about the Reface app, which was written some time ago. As a result, some facts about the operation of the application, as well as the interface design, might be no longer relevant today. To receive updated information, follow the latest articles on our blog, or download the Reface app.

If you haven’t checked out the feature yet, grab your phone, go to Reface, find the “Rehair Salon” tab, and try on any haircut you like (or hate!).

Why is this so huge? Well, you might think that you’ve seen most of the haircuts out there, but in our Rehair Salon, you won’t just find an afro, a bob cut, or Rapunzel’s long hair. Here we have different and creative hairstyles from all over the world. Some of them are extravagant and some are unexpected, like this violet sponge that suits Snoop Dogg perfectly 😂

Or Jackie Chan...

Bald Jackie Chan serving next-level cuteness.

But what’s even more important is that this feature is useful. Anyone can try on the haircut they want with a few taps: selfie, choose a picture with the hair you need – go! Now you can experiment and find your perfect hairstyle, beard, or mustache before going to an actual hair salon💈

Harold hides the pain caused by the “unexpected haircut effect”

We’ve included 987 haircuts: 593 for women and 394 for men. We took our time to do research and make Rehair Salon as inclusive as possible. We wanted to provide people of different gender identities, ages, and ethnicities with a wide range of haircuts to try on 💇🏼‍♀️ 💇🏾

It’s our users who have inspired us to create Rehair Salon. Their passion for experimenting with styles and images is the best fuel for our creative engines. Thank you, Refacers! 💫

And don’t forget to share your new looks with us through your socials!

⚡️ HOT UPDATE. Your new haircut moves 🔥

We launched the Rehair REC• tab! It is Rehair Salon with tons of videos. Now anyone who wants to see themselves with different haircuts in motion can swap their face into a video and enjoy a new hairstyle. Just look how lit Rehair REC• is🔥

Camila Cabello is really cool with that… hair! 😹
And perhaps Joe Jonas will consider changing his style now 😻