Level up your videos with a new viral AI tech by Restyle App

The video-to-video feature allows you to edit videos with different AI styles and is available within our new Restyle app

Level up your videos with a new viral AI tech by Restyle App

Hello, Refacers! Exciting things are happening in the world of generative AI, as people continue to share mesmerizing AI videos on social media platforms around the globe. We have been working hard to unlock a new level of creativity for everyone with our breakthrough AI tools, and now we have a lot to share.

We present a new app with a video-to-video feature that lets you turn ordinary videos into unique animated stories in minutes. Meet Restyle:

WOW, what’s video-to-video?

The viral video-to-video technology takes an original user video as input and applies different visual styles to create an AI-generated result. This feature is available within Restyle, Reface's new generative AI app. With the help of our customized, ready-made styles, you can quickly and easily turn an ordinary video into a high-quality artistic story.

Until today, video-to-video technology on mobiles allowed producing only short videos up to 4 seconds long, giving poor results and a limited variety of styles. We’ve fixed all these pains, giving you quality, speed, and satisfying technology.

  • Longer than ever: 10 seconds of an expressive AI-generated video
  • Saving recognizable details (composition, light distribution, and character movements)
  • 36 unique visual styles (e.g. Van Gogh, Cartoon, Robots, Vintage, and more)

Create and restyle content with the help of AI tech like never before — a few taps are enough, and no advanced skills required.

Level up your videos with a new viral AI tech by Restyle App

With Restyle, you can:

  • Go viral with eye-catching content.
  • Upgrade your dancing or beauty routine videos for TikTok with one of our stunned AI styles.
  • Create art videos of your extreme hobbies! Skydiving, skateboarding, or football — everything turns into a new story with Restyle.
  • Turn your family videos into animated cartoons: fulfill your memories from trips and family gatherings.
  • Immerse yourself in anime, Van Gogh’s paintings, the 19th century, or cyberpunk. We have restyled multiverses for you!

Are you ready to dance, play, move, look LIKE NEVER BEFORE?? ❤️‍🔥

Restyle now, dowload the Restyle app: