Hello, Revoice: How to Make Videos and Images Speak in Your Voice

Voice-over any content in a few taps with our new feature

Hello, Revoice: How to Make Videos and Images Speak in Your Voice
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Have you ever wanted to rewrite a movie or make Arnie wish your friend a Happy Birthday instead of just saying his epic "Hasta la vista, baby?" Well, now you can.

With Reface’s new Revoice feature, you can:

  • voice-over videos and images
  • remake epic movie scenes and songs
  • create new memes and bring old ones to life
  • make celebs say any text in your voice
  • prank your friends and make viral video challenges

How it works

tap the “magic wand” button below 👉 choose Revoice tool 👉 choose a face from the gallery 👉 tap the REC button 👉 say a hilarious joke, sing a song, etc. 👉 download, share, and have fun!

length: 15 sec max. if your audio is longer than the video, the video will  be looped. if the video is longer than 15 secs, it will be cut automatically
languages: all
templates: you can choose from epic quotes like “I’ll be back”

Watch how cool it is

You can voice-over epic movie scenes

And, of course, you can animate any image and make it say anything you want

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Stay safe and keep Revoicing! See ya!