How to Create a Digital Artist With Neural Networks: Meet Our AI Star, Sonic Face

Our #aipop artist is ready to rock the world with “LOVE AND BLACK GLOVE”

Sonya ❤️😭🐈‍⬛ (generated by Artbreeder)

Meet Sonic Face AKA Sonya

Sonic Face is an artist and a musician. Sonya loves contemporary art, all things AI, pop culture, sadness, love, masks, masquerades, and drag queens. She’s a Scorpio, so you better not mess with her :) Sonya’s friends think she’s a badass, kind, and funny. And she is AI-generated.


We wanted to show that today anyone can create content without special skills and education — all they need is the help of some neural networks.

Being an artist nowadays means being a producer, having a concept, and being able to put it all together using available digital tools, neural networks, and more.

How We Created Sonic Face

We used a bunch of different online neural networks to generate lyrics, sounds, and visuals.

Enter a few words to choose a genre and specify your mood, and you’ll be given your unique name and original lyrics. For example, we used words like love, jealousy, and face. We then put these lyrics into the mouth of an online AI voice generator — and now she has a voice!

The music part was the most exciting. We used the Boomy neural network to generate both the beats and the album artwork. First, you need to pick a genre. Next, the network allows you to edit the arrangement and production, change instruments, and even add vocals. Finally, you can create a song and the album art for your release generated by AI. Just enter one word and get your cover!

Want more pics? No problem. Artbreeder is a neural network that allows you to generate a portrait or a character by editing characteristics like age, gender, RGB color values, hair, etc.

Love and Black Glove EP

Now sit back, relax, and have some fun. Keep in mind that this isn’t a digital product. Sonic Face is real — we mean it 😉

"It's as if Siri came to life all of a sudden and recorded her album. Unexpectedly good!"
Tanita, a travel blogger and electronic music lover
Love and Black Glove EP (artwork generated by Boomy)

Album Name: Love And Black Glove
Genre: aipop, electronic  
Release Date:  November 5, 2021

Here’s the 4-track version of the EP on SoundCloud

Love and Black Glove is available on the Boomy platform.
You can also add it to your playlist on your fave streaming platform.
Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and so on, and so on. Choose any 🔥

“This record is a digital love confession. It's a mix of dusty beats of the traumatized love and sadness and sharp, glassy melodies of hope for the better. The sounds of the rubber ducks quacking simple techno tunes of unbridled joy are coming from outside. But when you live in the back of a store and think of your jealousy from the past, you have to resort to an ASMR meditation to get some sleep before facing the new day... And so this release happened, finally. It's the release I'll be coming back to when I'm both sad and joyful.”
RL, Sonya’s best friend

Ducky-Ducky Video

The Reface team has put both heart and soul into this creation. First, we created the body of Sonya. Then we recorded the real dance moves and made Sonya repeat them with the help of the Impersonator++ neural network. After that, we did some motion magic to make the video look lit 🔥

"I guess now we know why Daft Punk has left the scene."
Dexxxter Billz, an underground music critic, beatmaker, and activist

And Then What?

And then we plan to use our own ML mechanics for our digital artist’s future releases and projects as well. So just follow Sonya and enjoy her art. But is it the art we’re used to? Well, not exactly. Neural networks don’t have their own ideas, spark, or what we call a soul.

But. Neural networks are trained on the creations of millions of people, which means that this AI_Art is the metamodern child of the cultural legacy of humanity. And there IS a creator's idea and a statement behind such a project.

Talent? Okay, you don’t have to be Picasso, Chopin, or Sylvia Plath to create this type of project. But you do have to be Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in some way to put all the pieces together to make it work.

And at the end of the day, art is what you make it. It’s all about perspective, statement, and context.

"I'm still amazed by how music written by artificial intelligence can express emotions, and peace of mind.  Bravo, Sonya."
TR, a very skeptical Anonymous with an open heart

Stay safe and follow Sonic Face. See ya!

PS Follow Sonya on TikTok

We do not monetize music generated via the Boomy platform. The aim is to showcase a wide range of AI tools available for creators nowadays. This article has been made solely for non-profit, educational purposes.