Hot News🔥 Reface launches Swap Animation feature

New feature allows anyone to bring monuments and images to life

We’ve launched a new feature: Swap Animation! You can now animate any picture with your face.

Bring famous people to life, make Ancient Greek philosophers move, or turn a family photo into a band 🤩. Put your face on statues, paintings, posters, or video game characters. Make them move, talk, and sing. Go viral! ⭐️


It’s simple:

  • Tap the AI Tools button
  • Choose “Animate Face
  • Select any image you want to animate in the gallery
  • You can upload your own picture, too
  • Select the animation you want to use
  • Enjoy!

You can also animate any picture in the app ⚡️
Make mind-blowing creations and share them with the world ♥️

Imagine some of the iconic 20th-century African-American singers coming to life with modern hits! This is possible with Swap Animation😻🎙

Etta James singing “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa

Lena Horne singing “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande

Nina Simone singing Nicky Minaj

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