Synthetic Futures Launches to Promote Positive Uses of Synthetic Media

Reface joins community of creators, businesses and experts to promote a safe and transparent future for artificially-generated content

Synthetic Futures is a global initiative that unites leading AI companies, including Metaphysic, Synthesia, Respeecher, Wombo; and world renowned deepfake artists like Chris Ume and Shamook.

Reface joins Synthetic Futures

This open community platform welcomes creators, technologists, developers, policymakers, VFX pros, AI researchers and other digital content stakeholders. Members represent a diverse variety of AR, VR and synthetic technologies.

Synthetic Futures' mission is to share ideas and discuss the most urgent and inspiring topics at the intersection of art, reality and synthetic media. The initiative seeks to unite stakeholders across geographies and industries and encourage them to share both positive and negative impacts of synthetic media.

The community will address urgent problems and noteworthy topics in three formats: discussion via online communications channels, action groups, and virtual events.

Role of Reface in Synthetic Futures

Synthetic Futures’ aim is to move the synthetic media ecosystem forward in a responsible way.

“Synthetic Futures represents our hope for a positive and safe future for society with synthetic media technologies. It’s important that we join together with our peers in the industry and some of the brightest minds in the space to shepherd adoption, while confronting some of the misconceptions and finding common trust building solutions to maximize positive use of the technology,says Anna Bulakh, Policy Advisor at Reface.
Reface joins Synthetic Futures

Reface is committed to boosting creativity and minimizing malicious content in the digital landscape. As a pioneering app that allows people around the world to generate millions of synthesized videos daily, Reface will be sharing its experience and helping to promote ethical and secure uses of AI/ML tools.

We believe that initiatives such as Synthetic Futures will help spread awareness of the promise and transformative opportunities presented by AI-powered tools, while minimizing some of the more sensational deepfake-esque unintended consequences of bad actors and ultimately lead to a better digital reality to come.