💬 “Dear Zoomers”: Characters From the Past Leave Voice Messages with Reface

To future generations — with gags

💬 “Dear Zoomers”: Characters From the Past Leave Voice Messages with Reface

Sometimes you wish you could go back in time and fix everything, or at least avoid mistakes in the present by phoning yourself from a parallel universe. Being a Zoomer is tough. Life is full of surprises, you can't keep track of all the trends, and you need someone wise that you would actually listen to. What if true legends guided us through these times? These messages can be created with our new revoice feature that makes any picture or video speak with your voice. Buckle up! We've collected nine essential things to tell Zoomers in 2021.

#1 Marylin Monroe is on to something

#2 The “American Gothic” family urges you to be conscious

#3 Some pirate advice from Andy Warhol

#4 Mia Wallace is a straight edge

#5 Vincent van Gogh on the importance of mental health

#6 Holly Golightly on financial literacy

#7 You can’t argue with Don Vito Corleone

#8 Zen advice from Steve Jobs on being in the here and now

#9 A legendary LOTR meme has something to say

Thank you Marylin, Andy, Mia, Vincent, and others. We wish we’d known all this before!

You don’t need a magic ball to create your own masterpieces. All you need is the Reface app and a little creativity. Create wise memes with our revoice feature: make faces talk with your voice, revoice your fave videos, animate postcards, and more.

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