Tinder for Memes or ML Tool to Animate Pets? 6 of the Wildest Ideas from the Wild Wild Hack

The result of our passion for new products and ML technologies

Reface and venture studio Pawa recently held Wild Wild Hack, a hackathon with a content transformation theme. The event brought together 200 participants. With the help of 80 mentors they worked on developing their ideas for 48 hours using AI and ML tools.

See how it was!

“Every piece of content generated with AI and ML contains a multitude of meanings connected and fixed in a certain form. As we strive to transform them into breakthrough products, we need not only technology, but also a team of like-minded people. Some of Reface’s founders actually met at a hackathon. That's why we decided to organize Wild Wild Hack to give everyone obsessed with technologies a place to meet,” said Oles Petriv, CTO and co-founder of Reface.

There were 16 finalist teams, which were evaluated based on:

  • novelty
  • creative approach
  • potential uses and applications
  • possibilities to develop the project or ML technology

Below are six of the wildest projects presented at Wild Wild Hack.

Disclaimer: The list of competitors is arranged randomly.

Regram: Liven up your Instagram feed

The Hirshi team presented a tool to make videos, memes, and creative posters from an Instagram feed. It allows users to transform boring feed scrolling into a fun activity.

MemAss AI Bot: Meme bot generator

The Meme Assistant (MemAss) team presented a Telegram bot that finds a picture to go along with a piece of text and creates a customized meme. This technology helps transform long texts into funny messages.

AI Standup Show: Swipe left or right to choose the joke you like

The team rolled out an app in which you can watch a standup show with AI-generated characters and their jokes. Users assess a standup with a Tinder-like technology: right swipe for like and left swipe for dislike.

ReZoo: Pet animated avatars

The AI.Molodets team suggested making Zoom calls more engaging by using animated avatars of your pets. Just imagine how your next Zoom meeting could be if you could talk to a dog, turtle, or cat instead of real people.

HandsGAN: Instant video and text dubbing into sign language

The HandsGAN team offered a technology to help deaf and hard of hearing people access video content they want without any limits. ML tools convert speech and video into a 3D animation person that signs the content displayed on the screen.

Wild Beat AI: Pass video game levels to your favorite music beats

The BeatAI team used AI to generate Beat Saber levels. Users can listen to their favorite music and play games with Oculus Test 2. There are five levels, and their speed depends on the music beats. Users can also change the speed manually. It's also possible to generate game plots and other kinds of events.

The Wild Wild Hack is a result of our passion for new products and cutting-edge technologies. This hackathon let us bring hundreds of incredible people together and develop new ML solutions with them. We continue building our community. Many new ideas are here to come.

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