How to become a pioneering content creator using AI tools

Those who create new types of content will rule the world

How to become a pioneering content creator using AI tools

At Reface, we are constantly searching for original content ideas, new ways of creating content, talented people, everything that can be identified as progressive, creative, promising, and all things viral. We understand that content is everything, so we’ve launched the Reface for Creators program. Its purpose is to give creators AI tools for creating viral content. But first and foremost, let’s find out what viral content is today.


Nowadays, as content becomes more personalized and designed for rapid consumption, its production takes less time.

creating content using AI tools

Actually, we can’t (and it seems like no one can) tell you a clear, straightforward way to make VIRAL content because that's still some kind of magic. People tend to follow and share something unusual and unpredictable all of a sudden. And boom! But you never know.

That being said, here are brief tips on creating popular content ↓

Content needs to be:

  • Interesting and attractive. But what does this mean? People have different tastes and concepts of what attractive is! Yeah, that’s true. But the point is simple: your content has to evoke emotion. Whether it’s a stand-up comedy YouTube, economic articles, or stoned gardening (yes, lol), people will always subscribe and return for more emotions and bigger portions of joy.

Check out Hackatao, one of the pioneering artists working with the crypto market

  • Useful. This means that people need to get something they want every time they consume your content. Once again, it can be a horror blog, a private erotic channel, or English language courses. Just give them what they want: emotions, education, enlightenment, whatever.

Check out Flow State, a unique Substack newsletter that sends two hours of music to its subscribers every workday

  • Clear and Intelligible. No matter your topic or which concept of self-representation you prefer, keep in mind that you are dealing with different people from different backgrounds. They might not be familiar with specific terms from philosophy or plumbing, for instance. Try to keep it simple and clear so that 5-year-olds, 100+ year-olds, and everyone in the middle can get your point. That’s the highest class of storytelling.  

Check out ContraPoints, an ex-philosopher who explains everything (justice, cancel culture, beauty, and more) in a creative and intelligible way.

  • Original and Personal — as much as possible. Just a friendly reminder: it’s the 21st century! People don’t want standard, generic, typical content anymore. They want:

a) Something that speaks to them personally. Something people can relate to.
b) Originality. If you do something the way it’s already been done by someone else with millions of followers, you’ll have the chance to gain like 193 subscribers in total.

Check out Duncan Evans who makes exciting “video magic” and has 900,000+ subscribers


Wanna see how I made this effect? Check out @@adobe for my full edit breakdown#a#dobe #r#ush #a#ftereffects

♬ original sound - Duncan Evans
  • Timely. If you want to tell your followers about last year’s tech innovations or share the “news” about 2018 Hollywood blockbusters, your blog will obviously fail, sorry. It would be best if you were in the avant-garde of your specialized news and updates.
  • Constantly Updated. Nuff said.

Creators need new tools, platforms, and mechanics that allow people to bring their creative ideas to life without special knowledge or education. That's why we launched the Reface for Creators program.


creating content using AI tools

There are already many popular creators on YouTube and TikTok, and it's getting harder to go viral and monetize your content because of the competition on these platforms. And Reface is just starting to develop as a social platform. This means our creators will have a unique opportunity to be among the first ones to use the Creators Studio beta version.

We help make original content with ML technologies, which are some of the best on the market. Creative things like changing faces or animating photos can take hours of work with professional tools. With Reface, this can all be done in a few clicks.


creating content using AI tools

It's plain and simple:


Creators can apply for the program here: If a creator is selected, they will receive an email with access to the Reface Studio and all the info they need to join the community.


The Studio allows for content creation using three ML mechanics: face-swap, swap animation (animating photos), and lip-sync. We provide creators with a unique all-in-one tool that combines all three mechanics. We don't have a content monetization option yet.


Creators cannot create, submit, and share content that violates our terms of use and community guidelines.


creating content using AI tools

We are interested in applicants who are already creators and have a portfolio on social networks. Our perfect match is a creator who wants to improve their content with the help of ML techniques (perhaps to make their content funnier, more engaging, experimental, or creative). It could also be a creator who is already familiar with content-generating ML mechanics. In this case, the Reface Studio will help them do it on a new level, combining different techniques in a few clicks and getting results with better quality.

We are very thrilled to develop a massive new wave of digital creators who use AI tools and produce gazillions of never-before-seen, engaging and trendsetting content. We want to provide these new-gen creators with unique AI/ML mechanics. We are not sure what it's going to be like. But what we do know is that it's going to be huge and unbelievably awesome. Want to try? We bet you do! → Apply to the Reface for Creators program  

Stay safe and keep Refacing. See ya!

creating content using AI tools

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