How to Edit, Swap and Animate Videos and Images On Your Phone

All-in-one: upload and edit any content you want with the help of AI

Good news, everyone! We’ve launched a new and highly anticipated update, that allows users to upload their own content to the Reface app and edit it with ease. It means you can upload a video or an image you’ve taken to the Reface app and create your content (memes, whatever) with it.

Many users have been asking us for this for quite some time. To us, it’s the very beginning of a saga called personalised content production with ML.

So What’s New?

❗️ Upload content is available now for all users
❗️ All the Reface AI tools are now in one place. Here:

We have three AI tools for now:

  • Face Swap: switch places with your favorite superhero, TV star or celebrity
  • Swap & Animate: jump into photos, then make them move or come to life
  • Place Face: put your selfie on any object and animate it

How Does It Work?

  1. Select any video, image or GIF from your gallery.
  2. Remember two essential rules:
    a) your piece of content should contain at least one face (otherwise, it won’t work)
    b) the video will be automatically cropped to 15 seconds long. So, you have to trim it before uploading to the app.
  3. After your content is analyzed for faces, you can select the faces you want to swap, animate (make it move and sing), and get your viral video! Then, you can share it on social media or download it to your phone.

❗️ Please keep in mind that we moderate user-generated content. Yes, we know that you’re fantastic and you just want to have fun. We’d like to give you a friendly reminder, though.  You can check our Community Guidelines here.

We wish you inspiration and can’t wait to see the content you create, our dear users. Stay tuned for more updates.

Keep Refacing and go viral! See ya!