How to edit, swap and animate videos and images on your phone

All-in-one: upload and edit any content you want with the help of AI

How to edit, swap and animate videos and images on your phone

How can you instantly animate a photo on your phone, create a funny video or a meme? Before, you had to come up with something complex, which wasted time and required advanced skills. With AI tools, everything is much easier.

Reface app can turn you into a pro creator in a few taps, as you can use our AI tools for creating fun videos, GIFs and pictures.

We use advanced machine learning to make your Refacing experience super fast and easy — for animating, revoicing, or extracting your face embeddings from the photo you upload to make swaps. User safety is our top priority, so we don’t collect your personal data and we don’t use face embeddings to recreate your original photos. You can learn more about how Reface works here.

We never stop improving our app to bring all your ideas for self-expression to life, and we’ve shared an up-to-date guide on how to edit and do various manipulations with your content in the Reface app. It means in addition to our media library, you can upload and use a video or an image from your phone to create new synthetic content (memes, fun videos, whatever) with Reface.

Even if you're new to editing content with the help of AI on your phone, Reface is here to help you unleash your creativity.

Where to Start?

🔥 Uploading content is available for all users
🔥 You can find all the Reface AI tools in the bottom bar of the app:

Express yourself with Reface AI tools:

  • Swap Face: turn into your fav character, celebrity, or a meme
  • Lipsync Animation: pick a photo, then make it move or come to life
  • Revoice: voice-over movie scenes, make any video or picture speak with your voice

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose any video, image, or GIF from your gallery.
  2. Remember two essential rules:
    a) your piece of content should contain at least one face (otherwise, it won’t work).
    b) the video will be automatically cropped to 15 seconds long, so you have to trim it before uploading it to the app.
  3. After your content is analyzed for faces, you can select the faces you want to swap, animate (make them move and sing), and get your viral video! Then, you can share it on social media or download it to your phone.

Tips on Refacing

Before swapping, upload a high-quality selfie of you or your friends. The better the photo, the more realistic your swap will be. Don’t be afraid to mess up while recording your voice — fried memes aren’t born, they’re made.

❗️We are here for creativity and fun, so we must ensure that the content you upload isn't harmful. Please keep in mind that we moderate user-generated content. You can check our Community Guidelines here.

Using AI tools for creating and editing content is so easy! We wish you inspiration and can’t wait to see your synthetic masterpieces, Refacers. Stay tuned for more updates.

Keep refacing and go viral!