Introducing Unboring by Reface — your favorite AI features on the web

How to use Unboring for instant face-swapping, animating, and restyling videos

Introducing Unboring by Reface — your favorite AI features on the web

Y'all know how much we care about bringing you the most innovative AI features for content creation and making them accessible and easy to use.

But is it possible to access our quick AI technologies outside mobile apps? YES. Because we are expanding the possibilities for fun content creation with our new web-platform, Unboring, unlocking your favorite AI tools on the desktop with a convenient interface.

What is Unboring?
Unboring is a web platform for content creation by Reface. It combines three AI features and allows users to upload their content for modification or choose from the catalog with ready-made ideas, pics, motions and video styles.

With Unboring you can:

  • face-swap – replace faces on photos and videos
  • animate – bring your photos to life and make it sing
  • new! 💥 restyle – change the visual style of videos and apply AI filters

💥 What is the Restyle feature?

This new AI-powered feature allows you to quickly and easily change the visual style of your videos. Imagine turning your dull selfie video into a cartoonish reel featuring an anime character that looks just like you.

We offer over 40 pre-designed styles, including popular options like L3G0, Doll, Van Gogh, Vintage, Wooly, Cartoon, and more. The implementation of this technology in a web version offers a significant advantage: the ability to upload much longer videos for processing than on mobile of up to 1 minute long.

Why use it? Add a fresh touch to your content:

  • Create hilarious videos online by applying different AI styles on your daily content for social media. No advanced skills required.
  • Step into a time machine by turning yourself into one of the vintage, cartoon or doll characters.
  • Restyle your dance or extreme videos. Also try restyling your pet — you’ll be excited to see how they change.

How does Unboring work?

The user experience with Unboring is super easy. All you need is to choose a feature, upload content or select from our catalog, and enjoy the result. We add freshly curated content daily, don't miss out on new pics and videos.

Restyle your videos with pre-designed styles, or create hilarious singing and dancing images with Unboring AI animation.


Unboring is a lotta fun, which can come in handy occasionally, or become your daily source of inspiration. You can decide how much fun you want to create by choosing the plan in our subscription options.

Don't know where to start? We've provided users with a 5 tokens free trial, which means you can experiment before subscribing.


We care about our users’ safety. Unboring is purely a tool for entertainment, equipped with an NSFW filter that disables the uploading of prohibited images and videos. You can find more information and rules in our Community Guidelines.